CORE is specially designed to be conveniently attached to the body

Core Body Temperature monitoring
enabling new insights

Redefining thermometer technology

Patented sensor technology integrated into a wearable device


Workforce protection for businesses


Observe the core body temperature of your workforce for early signs of potential issues


Body temperature monitoring for at risk healthcare workers in hospitals and nursing homes


Getting back to work with confidence reassuring staff with safe healthy workplace

Why core body temperature?

Core body temperature refers to the temperature of the body’s organs. It fluctuates following physiological processes, such as circadian cycles, menstruation, illness or physical activity.
Core body temperature is an important vital for providing valuable insights on health and well-being.
Other devices try to estimate core temperature via skin surface temperature which due to the complexity of thermal regulation and environmental conditions can not come close to the accuracy and reliability of CORE.
Read more about continuous core body temperature measurement here.

Above, a graph representing the gap between core body temperature (in blue, measured with an electronic ingestible pill) and the skin surface temperature (in red). The blue line represents the core body temperature measured with CORE. The pike in the graph represents a short period of intense sport activity.

Athletic performance

Temperature effects performance, get insights for improving your performance

Health and Well-being

Constant monitoring gives valuable insights into your overall health and wellness


Avoid potentially dangerous heat stress situations for safety and peice of mind

CORE is the first non-invasive wearable that allows to continuously measure core body temperature under real-life conditions with great accuracy

Accurate technology

Our patented novel sensor allows to accurately monitor core body temperature just through skin contact.

Constant monitoring

Long battery life allows monitoring core body temperature for longer periods (over 6 days) without interruption.

Comfortable and lightweight

The device is easily mounted on a chest strap or attached with a medical grade patch. It is water-resistant and can be sanitized using alcohol.

CORE - Core Body Temperature for fever monitoring and sports performance tracking

Want to use CORE for SPORTS or at work?

Turn on your heart rate monitor and click the heart rate icon. The app will guide through the pairing setup.

Connect with your device(s)

CORE connects wirelessly with Garmin, iOS and Android smartwatches and smartphones streaming real time Core Body Temperatures.

Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

CORE uses a sophisticated machine learning based algorithm with the greenTEG energy transfer sensor to calculate and analyze core body temperature in real-time.

BLE compatible

Multiple patches can be operated with the same smartphone. Furthermore, the BLE standard temperature profile can be provided to stream the data on any BLE compatible device.

Technical specifications

  • CORE: Rechargeable patch device for continuous monitoring of
    Core Body Temperature
  • CORE outer casing: Made of durable skin-compatible polymer.
    Fully sealed with no moving parts
  • Compact Size: 50mm x 40mm x 8.5mm, Lightweight at only 12 grams
  • Power supply: Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery via magnetic USB cable
  • Battery life: Constant transmit time > 6 day, Standby mode > 5 weeks
  • Internal memory: Record up to 84 hours of high-resolution data
  • Data output streams: Core Body Temperature, skin temperature, data quality, battery level, heart rate (from 3rd party sensor, if available), time stamp; additional information can be exposed upon request (ie. accelerometer, firmware version)
  • Sampling rate: 1 Hz
  • Communication protocol: Standard BLE Health Thermometer profile, Standard ANT+ profile
  • Skin temperature accuracy: ±0.1°C
  • Core Body Temperature accuracy measured at chest: ± 0.66°C (2σ); 0.26°C Mean Absolute Deviation
  • Calibration: Factory calibrated – no re-calibration necessary
  • Water rating: IPX7 (waterproof up to 5ft)
  • Product features:
    – Smartphone application (Android/iOS/WatchOS/Wear OS/Garmin)
    – Live display of current core body and skin temperature (via app)
  • Connectivity: CORE accompanying Smart Phone Apps available iOS and Android Smartwatch Apps also available on Apple WatchOS, Garmin ConnectIQ with Android WearOS available soon
    Also compatible with many existing third-party apps and devices

Disclaimer: CORE is not a medical device

It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. It does not have FDA or medCE approval.

CORE should be used by healthy adults in a stable environment and is only meant to inform you about your overall well-being. No medical advice can be concluded from the measured temperature data, and it cannot replace the services of health care professionals. Deviations from the normal body temperature range should be investigated by a health care professional and no conclusion regarding your health can be drawn from a core temperature that is within the healthy range. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of the temperature measurements by CORE. To read the full disclaimer click here.